Triplex Apartment building on the beach

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Property ID : Mindoro-1121-property

For Sale ₱13,000,000 - Apartment Building
309 Sq Mtr 4 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 1 Garage
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Tropical beach apartments building and lot for sale in Puerto Galera Philippines.
Aldanmar Apartments “on the beach”, was constructed in 2004 by an Australian expat and his Filipina wife. This was the 3rd only substantial building in the neighborhood constructed by an expat. The land area from beach shoreline to road is 400 square meters.

Floor area of each apartment from 90 square meters to 115 square meters, totaling 280 square meters built on 3 levels, uniquely built against a hill with solid foundations/footings at each level. This is terraced 3 floor building and can withstand any type of natural catastrophic event such as earthquake, tsunami or typhoon/cyclone.

The top floor at road level consists of a tiled 2 bedroom apartment with terrace and panoramic views over Varadero Bay, Verde Island, through to the mountains of Batangas Province. The 2 apartments below are separated left (Green) and right (Red) side of building, each with internal stairs from the second floor bedrooms to the first floor living/kitchen/bathrooms, then extending onto beach via terraces built at 2 meters above sea level.

There are 3 separate electric meters to each apartment for independent billing by the supplier, with switching to a gasoline generator for times of power outages. The water supply is constant and reliable mineral spring water from local neighborhood storage tank to a tank at the apartments. Every room has a Television cable connection and signal is received over fiber optic cable to the building. Internet wifi covers the entire building inside and outside areas from a reliable 3G wireless connection to Globe Telecom tower.

The apartments are regularly rented to short stay, international tourists looking for a quiet, safe and comfortable location for swimming and snorkeling during their holidays. A very effective, ongoing promotional campaign ensures good residual income.

Existing Building, Sanitary and Electrical Permits were granted at construction with land property taxes paid up to date. All official documents are held by the owner and digital copies available for for viewing online. Real property ownership title is granted as first title holder from the Department of Environment & Natural Resources with no encumbrances or caveats.

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